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Chronic insomnia is defined as having difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep, often both, over a period of more than 3 weeks. Chronic insomnia makes the sufferer feel like a zombie – dull, lethargic, easily irritated, and often depressed. Chronic insomnia is also a leading cause of more serious physical conditions if left untreated.

Problems associated with poor sleep or a lack of sleep can be classified into two categories: 1) short term insomnia and 2) chronic insomnia. While short term insomnia is more easily treatable, it often goes ignored because we tend to think it is just temporary and will soon resolve itself. Left untreated, however, short term insomnia almost always turns into chronic insomnia.

Therefore, if you suffer from periodic bouts of disturbed sleep, it is very important that you recognize this as a serious problem and then take measures to overcome it. Even a few nights in a row of bad sleep can become a case of chronic insomnia.

While you may be able to cure short term insomnia by making some simple changes in your lifestyle habits and routine such as decrease the amount of caffeine and increase the amount of exercise, chronic insomnia requires more specific strategies to overcome it. Chronic insomnia is usually the result of long-term acceptance of bad sleep; we become so accustomed to not sleeping well that by the time the problem has grown into full-blown chronic insomnia, the body is accustomed to poor sleep. Even though sleeplessness is not natural for the body, the body grows accustomed to that condition and therefore you will need to do more than simply change a few behaviors. 

First of all, it is important to identify the causes of your chronic insomnia. Once you have identified the potential causes, you can begin your search for the most appropriate treatments. Keep in mind, however, that identifying the exact cause of your insomnia may involve a process of trial and error; a process of elimination until you have narrowed it down to the most probable cause.

Avenues for treatment of chronic insomnia include physical therapy, therapeutic counseling, prescription drugs, and herbal supplements.

Herbal supplements are the best way to treat chronic insomnia because there are so many benefits to herbal supplements compared with only one negative possibility being that one or another may not work for you.

Unlike most prescription drugs on the market for chronic insomnia, herbal supplements are not addictive; therefore, you will never suffer from any kind of withdrawal symptoms if and when you stop taking them. Herbal supplements are also considerably less expensive than their prescription counterparts – easy on the body and easy on the wallet! Finally, herbal supplements are safe for everyone, even babies and expecting or nursing mothers. 

Chronic insomnia is a very serious problem and one that will no doubt compound other physical and mental disorders. So if you suffer from any degree of insomnia, you should uncover the cause and take immediate measures to treat it. Herbal supplements are the best form of treatments for chronic insomnia because they are effective, harmless, and serve many more benefits to the body in addition to curing chronic insomnia.

Keywords: Chronic Insomnia

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