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Product Promotion

Assignment: write a short blurb to promote a time sensitive promotion on the website.

Grab Bag Promotion


If you like what you see but can’t decide which to choose, why not go for the grab bag? Let me surprise you with some of my favorites. I get lots of comments from people who tell me they like a lot of the products at and so they simply can’t make a choice. So I’ve decided to put together a couple of grab bags. All you have to do is choose between the X or the X.  Oh, what the heck – just get one of each so you’ll have a good sampling of all the products!


Each grab bag contains  (X# of pieces) for a total price of just $XX! It’s kind of like buying in bulk because each grab bag is (X dollars) off the total price if you were to purchase them individually.  And what’s more, with a grab bag you save on shipping and handling, too!


Each grab bag will arrive at your doorstep with a plastic bag and label along with a coupon for 10% off your next purchase!


So get your hands on a nice sampling of all these adorable X and X here at It is, after all, the season of color, so color up your fashion and give a new look to your frig or office with my new spring collection. But act soon because this great offer ends XXX!