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Live Chat

Welcome to The English Cyber Cafe!

A live online chat session in English for speakers of other languages 

hosted by River Lin (USA) and Keisuke Tange (Japan). 

We share ideas and experiences as we explore a variety of topics, all through the English language. 

Connect with old friends and make new friends! 

Sign up to join the live chat sessions with River Lin, Keisuke Tange, and participants from around the world! 

Our next live chat session in the English Cyber Cafe will be on:

August 20 at 8pm (US EST)

Click here to download current materials you will find useful for the next live chat session! 


The purpose of the English Cyber Cafe is to use the 

English language to connect with people from all over 

the world and to explore a variety of interesting topics. 

You will improve your English skills while you also gain

 new perspectives on life.  

Background and History

              Students at Miyazaki International college joined River Lin in an   

             exploratory series of conversations we called the "Discovery

             Class". Ten years after graduation, Keisuke Tange had a longing for

             those conversations to be resummed and therefore birthed the idea 

             of the English Cyber Cafe.